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About me

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Fascination with colour and texture has led me to work with textiles. From an early interest in fabric, threads and construction I have focused for the past decade on feltmaking. Despite many years of work with this material it continues to provide huge potential for developing new ideas and techniques.

In recent years growing concern about waste has led me to experiment with recycling textiles and I often combine felt making with traditional rag - rug making techniques to produce unique work. In the past five years I have focused on sculptural and experimental play-the results can be seen in the Sculpture trail at Rydal Halll.

Working with textiles is a very sensual experience. I aim to produce work that both engages the eye and offers the opportunity for touch. With this in mind much of my work is designed for practical use and able to be cleaned by hand washing.

When I started Creative Textiles in 1997 I made a personal commitment to run an environmentally responsible business and I constantly explore new ways to be efficient in my manufacturing processes.

I reclaim materials and combine them with sustainable fibres. Most of my work is done by hand. I use dyes sparingly and always exhaust them. Any power used is from renewable sources. Travel is by cycle or public transport. I use ethical banks for finance.