Despite having the builders next door a group of friends organised the first course for 2018 last week and had a great day together. Thanks for all the positive feedback on facebook Dianne Standen/Creative Textiles. Really enjoyed getting back into teaching ...such a pleasure to design new projects. As well as the 2hr introductory courses to crochet coming up shortly I am offering 2hr Jewellery sessions which produce some really colourful results. No experience needed..posted 27th Jan 2018

.If you are stumped for a gift then Vouchers are available for TEXTILE COURSES in 2018. A list of courses for 2018 has now been posted on the COURSES page of my website. posted 18th December 2017


its been a very busy summer one way and another but am now well established in my workshop at Brigham and really enjoying focusing on creative work again. I have an exhibition in the Old Schoolhouse at Rydal Hall during NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER .. posted September 10th


The Art Yurt is now closed permanently but work on the Sculpture Path will continue so do visit if are up in the Lakes this summer. In the autumn II will be starting the textile courses at the Old Rescue Station, my new base, near Cockermouth . See course page on my website for details with illustrative images on Pinterest Dianne Standen/Textile courses..
Been a great twelve years at Rydal Hall and every weekend has brought a fascinating variety of people from all over the globe so many thanks to everyone who has supported me one way or another.

Sad to say that after 12 years at Rydal in the ART YURT i am finishing on Sunday July 9th. I am having lots of requests for courses and after ten years absence from teaching I feel I need to free up my weekends and have organised a range of workshops which can be viewed on my courses page . if you would like more information or updates on new courses as they are ararnged do contact me. There will be regular images of the techniques I will be offering posed on my face book pages.

DianneStanden/Creative Textiles and The OLD Rescue Station

Am really enthused about offering courses again and passing on the new skills and techniques I have developed over the past twenty years. numbers will be kept to a maximum of 6 to offer lots of personal attention so do look over what is on offer and see if anything appeals.

Although I will no longer have an open studio at Rydal Hall I will remain artist in residence and continue to develop the Sculpture Path in the Woodland there so if you want to see textiles in a beautiful and unusual setting do visit. There are now a number of reviews on Trip Advisor ..posted .June 29th 2017




Sorry having protracted problems with my broadband and phone line at my Brigham workshop at the moment so best not to try contacting me on my landline.01900 269178 I pick up my emails regularly so dianne' is currently the best way to contact me.

As ever the weeks fly by and the end of May with the next bank holiday is looming already.Rydal Hall Woodland has seen a lot of action recently with a lot of tree thinning to open up the canopy and lots of logs being moved by traditional heavy horse power. There is now swing and rope area within the woodland as well as a growing number of sculptures designed for children. it seems like a good time to announce that this will be the last season i will be opening the Art Yurt on weekends at Rydal. its been a great twelve years there but with the acquisition of my new workshop outside Cockermouth I want to use the weekends for teaching there . i will continue my involvement with the Arts programme at the Hall and working on the sculpture path which has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to play with ideas..i will continue to open weekends until September so if you are in the area do drop by..posted May15th

APRIL 12th and Easter is here this weekend. There is new work going on daily on the Sculpture Path including some moveable dens in the children,s woodland area. Look hard and you may find something a little different on Easter Sunday morning. I will be open at the Art Yurt from Friday through to Monday so do drop in.


Spring is finally making inroads here in the Lakes. Being March it has varied between warm sun and snowstorms within a day but the first signs of new life are all around. Tomorrow April 1st will be the birthday of my lovely son, Finn and my first full weekend of opening at the Art Yurt ,Rydal Hall. As ever open from 11am to 4pm everySaturday and Sunday. Occasionally I have other commitments and cannot open but I always try to post those on my facebook page Dianne Standen/Creative Textiles.Tthis season lots of lovely vinatge clothing in natural fibres waiting to be snapped up as well as all the old favourites ...super warm wool hats .silky neckscarves and much more.

Now I have finally stopped moving furniture and materials i will concentrate on developing the workshops for 2018 so watch this space for details. Class numbers will be small and limited but vouchers will be available to buy as a present .



March 2nd 2017...back in action

2016 What an eventful year... I sold my much loved house in Maryport with its great sea views as it was starting to feel too large to manage and travel connections to Rydal were steadily deteriorating. The upside of that event in April was i got to spend a lot of time at Rydal and really enjoy the summer warmth and autumn colour. Despite much searching i failed to find anywhere affordable in Cockermouth where i could replicate the space and the work/live situation i had in Maryport. So opted to buy a lovely building at Low Brigham, two miles out of Cockermouth. Its called The Old Rescue Station CA130XH and started life as just that ..a colliery rescue station which housed the mine resc ue teams for West Cumbria. That use became redundant in 1951 and ever since it has housed commercial offices. it has a great selection of spaces ...a small gallery and two rooms for teaching and working. I have great neighbours in the building one of which is Lyn Bamber who runs a successful online yarn business. So if ever you wish to visit there are two woolly businesses on site. The Old Rescue Station is on Facebook for images and details of how to rent rooms here which are available for the hour or day for use as Teaching , Meeting or Counselling spaces.

The Gallery space here will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from end of October 2017. From March to October I will continue with my usual pattern of opening the Yurt in the grounds of Rydal Hall each Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm.

if you would like to visit the Gallery at Low Brigham you can always check if i am on site and able to open by ringing me on 01900 269178 or emailing at

Now i have this great space I will resume textile courses and will be posting details shortly.Places will be limited so advance booking recommended.

Do follow me on Facebook Dianne Standen/Creative Textiles for recent images of work on the Sculpture Trail at Rydal



Finally managed to regain access to my news page so will start posting again here March 2nd 2017


The Art Yurt at Rydal will open every Saturday and Sunday from Sat March 14th 2015. It will be closed on April 11th and 12th, May2/3rd and 16/17th May. Also closed summer holidays from 18th July to 5/6th September.Closed 24/25th October. Will stay open every weekend after that up to Christmas ,weather permitting.

In October and May2/3 Clare Humphry potter will have an open studio. During the school holidays other artists may be working in the Yurt see Rydal Hall website for further details.

The sculpture path is always open and FREE. We are now on Trip Advisor so please do leave a review

Opening hours for the Art Yurt are 11am-4pm

As ever lots of work to buy , including super warm double layer ,hand sewn Cumbrian wool hats, silk and wool infinity scarves, felt childrens slippers ,wall hangings and pictures not to mention a wide selection of vintage clothing in natural fibres, wool, cashmere,silk,cotton at great prices. SALE now on with felt scarves at £10, necklaces at £15 , brooches at £5 and many other hand made unique pieces at bargain prices.

posted Thursday 26th February 2015




THURSDAY 4th JUNE 2015 10am-4.30pm

Great opportunity to work in the beautiful surroundings of Rydal Hall, view the textile sculptures in the Rydal Hall sculpture path and enjoy the Lakes Collective Summer show. The workshop itself will concentrate on creating a hand made felt hollow form which can be adapted to create a vessel, a beret or whatever your creativity takes you to ! In addition we will explore making solid sculptural shapes such as felted beads,balls and cords .

Cost £60 per person. Numbers limited so book early through Rydal Hall on 015394 32050.

I will provide all materials and costs will not exceed £10 .No equipment needed other than apron and some bubblewrap.Suitable for those with no felting experience.

Lunch,1-2 availabl e at Old school room teashop in grounds of Rydal Hall. I will provide tea aand coffee

For recent examples of my work see Facebook Dianne Standen/Creative Textiles or Pinterest

Posted Wed 25th February 2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My studio/workshop -Yurt Gallery at Rydal Hall is now closed till March 2015

.Sorry my on line shop is also not functioning but you can still contact me with any queries through the contact page on my website. posted Jan 29th 2015

Really appreciating this warm autumn especially as the leaves are now turning and the fantastic colours are clothing the Rydal landscape. I am going to remain open at the Yurt for as long as I can up to December.It will very much depend on what the weather throws at us in November and December but if it is not torrential rain or deep snow then I will try to be at the Yurt every weekend Saturday ,Sunday 10.30 - 3.30pm. If I am not there you can still view the sculpture trail in the grounds and from November 5th till January 5th 2015 I will be having an exhibition of my recent work , wall hangings, rugs etc in the The Old Schoolroom Teashop at Rydal Hall. Its open every day from 10-4 pm.As ever I have been concentrating on using natural or recycled materials in my work so lots of warm wool and cashmere hats,felt scarves and jewellery ,slippers and all sorts of quirky odds and ends at very reasonable prices. All hand made in Cumbria. posted 17th OCTOBER 2014-


Trying not to be distracted by the first warmth of summer and still working on finishing touches for my exhibition at Percy House Gallery, Cockermouth-Cumbrian Textiles -an overview of fifteeen years of textile work undertaken in Cumbria. Starts June 9th 2014 and runs through to July 1st so if you are up in Cockermouth for WOOLFEST you will be able to catch it then.

This weekend will be the culmination of the Lakes Collective contribution to the permanent Sculpture Path at Rydal Hall. They finish with their summer exhibition in the Barn at Rydal Hall and as part of that I will be opening the Yurt and displaying my work on Monday 2nd., Thursday 5th and Friday 6th June . Thats in addition to my usual Saturday and Sunday slot from 11-4. The Collective exhibiton starts on Monday 2nd and runs through daily till Sunday 8th. So lots of good reasons to visit Rydal Hall over the next couple of weeks. posted 29 May 2014

Have finally got round to finalising my dates and workshops for this year 2014.please go to Courses page for details of those. I've also been dragged, kicking and screaming, into using Facebook. I have to say its brilliant for uploading images and news quickly. When i get the new sculptures up at Rydal soon I will be posting them there so please give me a Like so you can get updates on new work and events. posted 31st Jan 2014


The Yurt at Rydal is now closed till Sat March 1st 2014.There is still sculpture work to be seen in the woods and gardens behind the tea room and lots of warm gifts for sale in the tearoom. Double layer reversible wool hats for the Cumbrian climate and silk neckwarmers for luxury warmth. Best wishes for 2014.Posted 31st December 2013


I've feedback from those who are visiting the sculpture path. Many of the artists from The Lakeland Collective who contributed pieces to the Sculpture path prior to their exhibition at the Barn in June have left their work in place so there is now a wide variety of wood, ceramics,textiles and other materials. Some of those artists will be using the Yurt over the summer school holidays[details on Rydal hall website]as I am taking a break until Sunday September 8th when I will resume my 11am-4pm Sunday slot.

---------------posted 23rd July 2013

Still waiting for summer and hoping that the recent few days of good weather is not all we will get this year. The Natural Inspirations exhibition at Wordsworth House has now finished and proved to be very successful with lots of positive feedback . At Rydal the Lakes Collective of artists and makers have made a great contribution to the Sculpture path with Moths,wood and ceramic figures,hand crafted chairs and even a branch library all to be found in the woods and gardens. Their work will culminate with their Summer Craft Fair which will run from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th in the Bulley Barn at Rydal Hall.. I hope to open the Yurt on the 24th, 27,28,29 and 30th June. If you are up for Woolfest and staying on or passing through on the Sunday you will find lots of interesting work not to mention a lovely place to sit by the waterfall for tea and coffee at the Old Schoolrom tearoom.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------posted June 17th

Just finished one big move and my workshop is now taking shape in the Yurt at Rydal. Hope to be down and working there from beginning of March. ARTISAN, the shop in Cockermouth is now closed. I will be opening the YURT every Sunday[bar summer holidays when other artists are using it] from 11am-4pm. When I'm working there at other times I will open up but that will vary so Sunday is always the best day to ensure I am open. Since Christmas I've been concentrating on finishing work for my solo exhibition in the grounds of Wordsworth House Cockermouth. Its a National Trust property and working in a garden is quite a contrast from the woods of Rydal Hall.The result has been some new designs so if you would like to view that work then "Natural Inspirations" will be running from March 8th through to June.For details of opening times etc see their website. Some work can be purchased there and also at Percy House Gallery in Cockermouth. Posted 25th Feb 2013


Well I could attempt to make an excuse for failing to keep my news updated for 6 months but it would be a feeble one so will gloss over my inefficiency and pass to the weather which for once Cumbria has shared with the whole of the UK.[Though i believe Mull has been spared the torrential rains]. Its brought home to me the need to design and place the outdoor work I'm doing more carefully. So many pieces [some with interesting results] have succumbed to mould and rot . There will be a lot of remedial and repair work waiting when I get back down to Rydal in the spring. I'm hoping that the willow tunnel and dogwood structure I made in the woods in the autumn[all planted sympathetically with the right phase of the moon] will have rooted and started to put out new growth. As ever I get a lot of new ideas when I'm away from the woods for a while so looking forward to trying those out and soaking in some spring sunshine.

Meanwhile I'm using winter indoor time to crack on with an exhibition that will be placed in the grounds of Wordsworth House,Cockermouth in Spring[March-June] . Lots of new work and ideas along the theme of Natural Inspiration [the title] Hope to combine some willow work with it this time but will make the final decision about what pieces to use in February. Its a beautiful garden and house so hope to do it justice. Quite a challenge though. Very different to the wildness of the Rydal Hall woods. For the first time I'm working in stuctured gardens and need to adapt my ideas to reflect that.

Elsewhere in Cockermouth the shop in MARKET PLACE, Artisan has been steady with sales picking up towards Christmas but I am finding that juggling work, shop and childcare for my grandchildren isnt leaving me much time to recharge so with regret I am hoping to wind up the shop at the end of January. I will concentrate my workshop activities to Rydal and will open up the YURT GALLERY every Sunday 11am-4pm from Easter. Will post more details about that nearer the time

Current opening times for Artisan are Thursday 27 Dec,Friday, Saturday 10-2 then Monday 31st Dec 10-2. After that it will be Friday and Saturday 10-2 throughout January . Then hope to close and relocate to Rydal to open every Sunday 11-4 after Easter.


.------------------------------Posted December 26th 2012

Being kept inside by the seemingly endless wind and rain this summer has given me time to work on some new sculptures for Rydal. Have done my most dramatic piece so far . A RARE BOUT OF GOOD WEATHER had me precariously up a ladder wrapping a dead tree in the centre of the estate . Its been transformed into a colour burst of red, orange, yellow and green. I hope it will inspire some of the many schools who visit to decorate it with some work of their own.

--------------------------------------------------------------------posted July 2nd 2012


posted 12th May 2012


Due to pressure of other commitments I will not be opening the Yurt Gallery this year but am pleased to announce the formal opening of the Rydal Hall Sculpture Path on April 5th . I have been working on site for over three years and there is now a considerable body of work in place. As far as I know its the only permanent outdoor textile collection in the UK.

Its a beautiful wander through the formal and informal gardens of the Hall and the adjoining woodland.Starts with a waterfall, ends with tea by the logburner or in the gardens beside Rydal Beck. There are stone, metal and wood scuptures alongside the textiles. A great venue for all ages with free entry . Donations welcome and small charge for a guide to the walk. .

There will be lots of other artists using the Yurt Galleryfor exhibitions and workshops so do be sure to drop in if you are passing. Details on the Rydal Hall site

I still have work to buy in the Old School Room cafe at the Hall [Open every day 10-5]

---------------------------------------------------------------posted March 10th

Delighted to announce[after weeks of felting] the launch of a new range THE CUMBRIAN PEBBLE COLLECTION.This is a collaboration with my daughter Sky.

We have designed a wide variety of hand felted pebbles, keyrings, brooches, earings ,pebble soaps and necklaces. With three colours to choose from Graphite, Honister and Slate, the Pebble Collection reflects the Cumbrian landscape using a sustainable material that grows well here-Wool. Every effort has been made to make the collection as sustainable as possible. Energy use in production has been kept to the minimum. Recyclable packaging has been sourced in the UK and we have used local printers. 5p from every purchase is being donated to the Fix the Fells project.

Prices have been kept deliberately low. Starting at £3.95 for a hand felted pebble fridge magnet with most items under £5 and none over £20.00. Each pebble is hand made and a unique gift .

Currently stockists are Made in Cumbria outlets, Rydal Hall tea shop and Artisan in Cockermouth but early indications are showing the Pebble Collection is very popular and we will be listing more stockists very shortly.

--------------------------------------------------------------------posted March 1st

New designs for winter- felted rope necklaces that you can wear as 2 strand or 4, super warm reversible wool hats[some cashmere and angora] for this recent blast of wind and icy weather, felted key rings at £2.50each and glass drop decorations.

Brooches[£10.00p] and pleated felt scarves[£22] are popular current sellers but there are lots of unique gifts under £25

posted 7th Dec-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lots of new autumn and winter designs exclusive to Artisan now in shop. It might might be hard to choose your favourite colours amongst the wide stock of circular scarves now available. Alternatively get those needles clicking and take advantage of our free pattern and beautiful range of yarns in wool /bamboo from Colinette.

Also unique felted chain necklaces, colourful,warm and very light to wear.

For those seriously chilly mornings or walks on the fells then you you couldn't do better than to pick up a snood hat.Can either be worn double round the neck, over the lower face or drawn up into a hat. All in natural fibres. Super soft and extremely warm. Stocks limited , all unique and made in store. Posted 20th October



Pebble strip image - Creative Textiles



If you are planning a trip to the Lakes then don't miss an opportunity to visit the Yurt Gallery. Beside a waterfall, in the beautiful grounds of Rydal Hall Ambleside, it is the perfect place to view a selection of unusual textile designs . Situated alongside the walking track between  Ambleside and Rydal Water/Grasmere [the Corpse Trail!]  there are lovely gardens to enjoy, waterfall walks and a tea room to revive you at Rydal Hall [all free].

With the emphasis on recycled and ethical textile work  this is a low impact running water or electric ..but a lovely space with a woodburner for cold days. A must for the textile enthusiast with prices starting at £5...
On display is a  wide variety of my  felt bags including some end of range discounted bargains ,  felt jewellery,  pictures , wallhangings, childrens boots/ waistcoats and lots more .